Crafted with pride, Majacraft wheels offer a unique spinning experience. Not only are they built to be beautiful and feature rich, but great care has been taken to ensure they are erognomically designed to fit your body and your spinning style.

Because of the handwork required, every wheel is different and may not look exactly like the next wheel. They each have a different character and the charm of an individually crafted wheel.

We use the highest quality of materials that we can source and include features like:

- roller bearings
- stainless steel flyer shaft
- ultra smooth brass hinges for the pedals
- New Zealand Rimu wood that is matured and dried before manufacture
- flyer is balanced by hand to ensure that your wheel will spin smoothly at all speeds
- All wooden components receive three coats of lacquer and are hand rubbed between each coat
- variable spinning ratios so you can spin at any spin with no extra effort (typically 3:1-18:1)
- every wheel is individually tested at different spinning speeds before leaving the factory.
- personally signed by a member of our family and given a unique identification number.