This is the Majacraft online library. All documents are saved in Adobe PDF format. There is a link at the bottom of the page to Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it. Please check back as we intend on adding to this list of books that will enhance your Majacraft experience and (hopefully!) improve your fibre art.

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Manuals and references

  Majacraft Weaving Manual  (v1.05 - 4.4MB - 08/08/2012)

  Majacraft Spinning Manual  (v1.05 - 2.2MB - 19/06/2015)

  Pioneer Specifications  (v1.02 - 0.2MB - 21/04/2010)

  Aura Specifications  (v1.02 - 0.2MB - 01/05/2010)

  Aura Mechanics  (v1.02 - 0.5MB - 12/011/2015)

  Overdrive Head Manual  (v1.00 - 1.2MB - 17/03/2014)

  Fusion Engine Manual  (v1.02 - 3.2MB - 16/03/2015)

Instruction sheets for distribution with new products

  Aura Assembly  (v1.07 - 1.2MB - 12/11/2015)

  Little Gem Assembly  (v1.01 - 1.4MB - 24/08/2012)

  Rose Assembly  (v1.07 - 1.2MB - 03/04/2014)

  Suzie Assembly  (v1.03 - 1.7MB - 25/08/2012)

  Suzie Professional Assembly  (v1.05 - 1.8MB - 18/07/2013)

  Pioneer Assembly  (v1.00 - 1.4MB - 17/07/2015)

  Millie Assembly  (v1.00 - 0.2MB - 21/03/2007)

  Freestanding Skeiner Assembly  (v1.01 - 1.2MB - 29/07/2015)

  Loom Stand Assembly  (v1.01 - 1.3MB - 22/10/2016)

  Overdrive lazy kate assembly and use  (v1.00 - 0.7MB - 23/05/2014)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar to view these files. If you do not already have it then the latest version can be downloaded here.