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Carding - Using a machine with a drum with metal tines, dense clumps of fleece are broken up and made more even by lining up the fibres

Drive Wheel - The heavy wooden wheel that is like 'the engine' of a spinning wheel. It has a lot of inertia to help make spinning smooth and even

Flyer - The component on the spinning wheel that in conjunction with the bobbin puts the twist into the fibre

Lazy Kate - A holder for bobbins that is used when plying yarns together

Niddy Noddy - A hand held tool for winding yarn into a skein

Orifice - The opening at the end of the flyer that the yarn passes through when spinning

Plying - Spinning two or more single lengths of yarn into one plyed yarn.

Roving - A continuous length of unspun fibre prior to spinning

Shearing - The removal of fleece from an animal by the use of a mechanical shearing machine or a set of blade clippers

Skein - Spun or plyed yarn is wound into continuous loops approximately one metre in circumference. This collection of loops is called a skein

Spindle - A basic form of spinning where a weight on a shaft is used to twist the fibre into yarn

Whorl - The small pulley that is mounted on the flyer spindle. It provides the gearing for the different drive ratios of the spinning wheel