Majacraft is delighted to be able to offer 18.9 micron Merino from the South Island of New Zealand. It is combed top and is very easy to spin. The fibre is hand dyed in small batches and comes in nine different colour variations. We have given these fibres an interstellar flavour with names taken from planets in our solar system. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Terra, Mercury, Neptune, Luna, Saturn and Ceres are the choices available.

These fibres are available in 100gm bags which can be ordered from you local dealer.

If you are a space buff I hope the reference to interstellar does not grate too much as these planets are all within our solar system. I also am aware that Luna (the moon) and Ceres are not planets :-)



Primarily red with pink shades. Violet and grey brown highlights. The colours one might imagine on the red planet.



Very pale purple and baby blue. The deep wet clouds that envelope the Morning Star are represented by the blues of this fibre.



An even mix between brown to greens tints and red to orange compliments. The browns are suggestive of the roiling clouds surrounding the planet with the Great Red Spot ever a feature among them.



A rainbow of colours with greens through brown and reds before shifting to blues and purple. The smallest planet in the solar system experiences the greatest temperature of all on its surface. From cool blues right through to baking reds and browns.



Grey through to blue and violet. The farthest planet from our sun is an ice giant and the fresh cool feel of these colours match this planet that is home to the coldest place in the solar system.



Light to dark green shades with yellow and caramel highlights. This fibre has captured the colours of light and life and new dawns.



Dark purple and navy blue shades. Pink and red highlights. The cool dark moon can be imagined in these sombre colours.



Rich forest greens and lighter brown colouring reminscint of the darker parts of our solar system.



Ceres is a dwarf planet with a rock and ice surface and an ocean heart. The strong blue aquatic colours of this fibre and green tints represent the abundance of water in this hidden planet.

NOTE - all colour variants are the same price.